About us

We deliver custom knowledge solutions guided by a revolutionary vision

Deep Mile Networks mission has been to unlock potential business value in their data.

We support a range of clients in the Federal, Commercial, and International markets, helping each of them navigate and overcome their most daunting information challenges.

Deep Mile Networks delivers custom knowledge solutions guided by a revolutionary vision. Our products and services leverage sophisticated data collection & analysis capabilities from the U.S. Intelligence Community, advanced technology platforms, and consulting best practices.

Deep Mile Networks solutions are built around a core of world class expertise in data science and analytics. Their solutions recognize that massive amounts of complex data are central to our clients’ most demanding challenges.

We develop scalable and relevant technology solutions for our clients along with providing them a trusted solutions partner. The company also develops and implements research and analysis methodologies to support clients facing data and knowledge problems; provides work place solutions, strategy, and analytics; and offers custom Six Sigma certification courses.

Our Values

We are constantly seeking innovative, driven and professional individuals to join our boutique like company.

Individuals with diverse backgrounds and a desire to excel by working hard and enjoying the supportive and like minded coworkers.

  • Establish clear vision, mission, expectations
  • All good performance begins with clear team expectations and goals.
  • Be aligned with the core values of both the individuals and the business
  • Be effectively communicated to and accepted by everyone involved in the team
  • Hire smartest, most creative people who can work together as a team
  • Decide specific and meaningful challenge
  • Measure success/performance through clear goals
Solutions built around a core of world class expertise in data science & analytics.

Our team of professionals is comprised of experts in data science, organizational development and training – complemented by industry expertise in intelligence, management consulting and marketing.

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