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Our solutions are designed to help organizations optimize operations, streamline processes, and improve customer engagement, all while maintaining the highest level of data integrity.

At Deep Mile, we execute digital transformations to help the organization fully utilize their technology investments. Our team of experienced professionals transform business processes into strategic workflows delivered through cloud services. We provide a comprehensive suite of services that includes cloud strategy and architecture, digital process automation, data integration, application development, and data analytics.


Virtual Learning



Knowledge Management

Effective Knowledge Management is essential for organizations seeking to stay competitive and innovative in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape. Aligning processes, strategies, and tools used by organizations to create, capture, organize, store, share, and utilize knowledge will improve performance and gain a competitive advantage.

Our team of Knowledge Management experts will connect people to information and knowledge they need to be successful by:

  • Conducting a comprehensive evaluation of existing information-sharing procedures and workflows to identify areas for enhancement and optimization
  • Crafting a tailored Knowledge Management strategy that aligns to the unique needs of the organization
  • Developing and implementing new processes for knowledge-sharing across teams
  • Establishing standards for content development and distribution to streamline content creation, validation, and revision
  • Developing a knowledge management governance process to ensure that KM is fully embedded, owned, measured and rewarded component of business operations
  • Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and tools, ensuring that information is always available when and where it is needed

Virtual Learning Environment

Implementing fortified technological solutions and impactful data sets helps to support users with access to e-learning via training in systems and workflows. Deep Mile assesses the technological capabilities of your organization to provide secure, cost-effective solutions to transform business processes.

Our dedicated Engineering Team will assist in:

  • Conducting product analyses to integrate technological strategies and approaches through utilization of cloud-based capabilities
  • Implementing unified business management solutions to maintain and optimize technology and support
  • Maintaining configuration controls and management of cyber security, software, and development lifecycles
  • Developing dedicated data sets in isolated environments to align with specialized training curriculums to meet your organization’s requirements
  • Identifying frameworks to transform virtual engagements to deliver personalized user experience


for our clients around a core of world class expertise in application development, cloud, and artificial intelligence.

Data Analytics

Utilizing Data Analytics processes allows your organization to collect and assess raw data metrics to drive informed decision making. Our solution is to help gain a data-driven perspective and see your business differently, making innovation.

Our data science experts will drive your organization forward by:

  • Conducting extensive feature engineering to identify meaningful predictors and to create tailored models
  • Utilizing modeling methodology and collaborating with your team to generate results that are relevant and accurate
  • Solving complex business problems with high-volume data engineering, analysis, and predictive modeling to create detail insights

SharePoint Development

Captured and retained information is critical to informed decision making at all levels of an organization. We understand that information may not be easily accessible and can cost the organization valuable time and effort to locate the information for dissemination. Deep Mile provides SharePoint Development services and oversight ranging from knowledge management, site design/development/deployment/and maintenance, complex workflow content integration, and software solutions with Power BI reports.

Our team of professionals offers robust solutions and frameworks to organize resources through structured platforms by:

  • Assessing existing Knowledge Management frameworks to determine platform requirements and deliver enhanced, scalable, cloud-based SharePoint solutions
  • Developing tailored dashboards and automation utilizing business intelligence, Power Apps, and workflows, improving data-driven decision making
  • Managing and integrating content assets to improve workspace collaboration, streamline processes, and reduce errors
  • Securing Knowledge Management systems with permission controls to ensure information is shared through correct processes