Real solutions that Empower and Transform your organization:


We achieve tangible results through optimizing capabilities, streamlining processes, and applying industry best practices and methodologies to support our customers mission.

Deep Mile’s mission-driven and customer focused approach is simple and transformative. Our team of certified professionals leverage years of experience and proven methodologies to help our customers achieve their goals through optimizing capabilities, streamlining processes, and applying industry best practices and methodologies.

Strategy and




and Contract
Management Support

Organizational Strategy and Performance

Planning and performance are fundamental business processes that align organizational requirements and mission to goals and desired outcomes. Deep Mile provides clients with the right information at the right time to make timely, informed decisions by aligning strategy to business operations and leadership decision making

Our team will leverage their expertise to collaborate with clients on both big picture and deep dive products and services through:

  • Facilitating and monitoring strategic and operational plans throughout their life cycle, from stakeholder engagement and requirements gathering to development and execution
  • Creating business intelligence tools that measure, evaluate and communicate performance
  • Drafting technical guides and reports in support of assessment and the use of standardized practices

Program Management

Program Management services support all phases of the project lifecycle by providing best-in-class, cost effective strategies and solutions. Deep Mile’s PMP certified professionals utilize industry best practices and collaborate side by side with our clients to manage projects from concept to completion, and beyond. Our team of experts manage cost, scope, schedule, risks, and change. We partner with our customers to ensure projects are executed on time, within budget, and within scope.

Our certified professionals tailor the Program Management approach to meet client objectives by:

  • Providing expertise regarding PMIs Project Management Body of Knowledge, Lean Six Sigma, and government project and acquisition standards, guidance, and fiscal milestones
  • Establishing effective organizational Program Management Office (PMOs)
  • Developing tailored approaches to meet organizational needs, including Program Management governance and training solutions
  • Managing, monitoring, and controlling project cost, scope, schedule, risk, and change
  • Developing best-in-class project management tools that streamline client efficiency and effectiveness
  • Measuring program and project performance through project cost, scope, schedule, risk, and change by developing project management plans, concept of operations, schedules, cost analysis, risk registers

Deep Mile is uniquely positioned to support our clients due to

our global presence spanning Continental United States, Europe, and Indo-Pacific regions.

Financial Management

Financial Management consulting provides fiscal support to the Federal Business Lifecycle through budget execution, asset information management, reimbursement management, cost management, and financial performance reporting. Deep Mile’s Financial Management consulting experts provide the highest level of fiscal support to our customers through Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution (PPBE) support.

Our consultants utilize proven Financial Management practices to support your organization by:

  • Providing integrated services to aid your organization in managing the PPBE process
  • Assessing how your organization’s requirements and metrics are incorporated into the resource allocation and decision-making process
  • Developing tools and processes for assessing the value, performance, and impact of key activities and resources
  • Creating customized reports to support budget formulation and execution, as well as resource decision making

Process Improvement

Process Improvement is an important function of any organization, involving the practice of identifying, analyzing, and refining existing processes to optimize performance and meet standards. By investing in our process improvement services, your organization will be able to streamline business processes, remove unnecessary steps, and reduce costs.

Our team of experts works side by side with your organization to define, measure, analyze, improve and control workflows in order to propose and implement strategies that save broken processes, time and reduce costs by:

  • Establishing clear processes that meet objectives and measure performance that are necessary to achieve desired outcomes
  • Developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and process maps to improve productivity, optimize performance, and create efficiencies
  • Creating standardization through focused information-sharing practices and strategic communications with target audiences
  • Tailoring client solutions to streamline operational procedures and meet industry standards
  • Adapting standardized processes through innovative re-engineering analysis
  • Utilizing Lean Six Sigma techniques and collaborative stakeholder engagement to promote lean and efficient organizations

Acquisition and Contract Management Support

Provides full-lifecycle acquisition and procurement management support from concept to completion for organizations of any size and any procurement type. Our team of highly qualified professionals transform acquisition management processes by optimizing capabilities, defining clear processes, reducing risks, and leveraging a results-driven approach to acquisition and procurement management that is customizable to any organization.

Our experts utilize industry standard best practices and custom support services to ensure acquisition strategies align with federal acquisition lifecycle framework by:

  • Delivering cradle-to-grave assistance for all phases of the acquisition process
  • Conducting Market research to identify and assess your organization’s requirements
  • Developing Performance Work Statements (PWS), Statement of Work (SOW) and Statement of Objectives (SOO), government cost estimates and quality assurance surveillance plans (QASP)
  • Promoting compliance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) provisions by utilizing industry best practices and standards
  • Establishing innovative systems to track acquisition documents and packages, monitor and control from conception to contract award