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Human Capital Management

An Intelligence Community (IC) agency wanted to bring innovative training programs to a global workforce and enhance overall human capital management capabilities, while simultaneously reducing costs agency-wide and maximizing return on investment.

How Deep Mile Helped

Deep Mile supported the agency in its design, development, execution, and management of live, webinar-based leadership and professional development programs.

Webinars were facilitated by agency leadership and experts, giving employees the opportunity to connect with and learn from executives, supervisors, and peers across the globally dispersed organization.

Deep Mile supported these programs by:

  • Building and testing online items for over 150 learning assets.
  • Designing and managing content for over 70 webinars.
  • Creating facilitator and student guide books, “Train the Trainer” videos, checklists, course materials, and reference materials.
  • Leading change management initiatives to help the workforce further adopt virtual and webinar style training and professional development as more cost effective means to traditional classroom style training.
  • Performing course management, administration, reporting and evaluation functions.
  • Developing and implementing professional development strategies and processes that foster a learning culture through engagement and collaboration.

Deep Mile’s efforts helped current and future leaders better possess the knowledge, shared experiences and tools to work effectively in a team environment, and reach their leadership and professional goals.

Traditional Training Life-cycle Support

A unified Combatant Command needed support in managing the full life-cycle of training, and in delivering operationally relevant training for every phase of the intelligence cycle.

How Deep Mile Helped

Deep Mile supported the agency in designing, developing, implementing, and optimizing a broad range of training and development solutions and services.

Deep Mile supported this organization by:

  • Managing the training needs analysis and requirements process.
  • Applying Instructional Systems Design principles to the design and development of learning events and professional programs.
  • Developing and modifying curriculums to meet requirements.
  • Providing Learning Management System administrative functions to manage offerings.
  • Automating training metrics and reports.
  • Surveying and analyzing the effectiveness of training and professional development offerings using the principles of the Kirkpatrick Model.
  • Scheduling, coordinating, and managing Mobile Training Teams (MTTs) and other instructor-led learning events.
  • Ensuring training records and reports are maintained.
  • Designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating Leadership Development programs.
  • Using online survey capabilities to create, conduct, and analyze the results of a skill gap analysis and identify opportunities that address skill deficiencies.
  • Ensuring training costs and expenditures were within budget.
  • Delivering strategic communications and marketing campaigns.
  • Managing SharePoint Training Portals on 3 different systems.
  • Identifying and implementing process and course improvements.

Deep Mile’s support enabled the organization to improve its return on investment in training and professional development; deploy innovative, creative, and efficient training practices, processes, and products; and be more operationally effective.

Workforce Skills Assessment & Data-driven Training Requirements

During a time of fiscal constraint, a Defense Intelligence Enterprise wanted to fund and deliver the most relevant, valuable, impactful training and professional development opportunities to maximize their return on investment.

How Deep Mile Helped

Deep Mile designed, developed, and implemented an initiative to incorporate rigor into the processes of identifying skill gaps, articulating training needs, and prioritizing training requirements and expenditures. Our team assessed employee professional skills and identified skills gaps by designing and deploying a workforce skills survey on an annual basis. Deep Mile then analyzed and reported the results to help enterprise leaders prioritize training needs for the upcoming fiscal year

Deep Mile supported this effort by:

  • Generating and updating specialized skills lists to align with competency models and leadership and SME input.
  • Designing, building and maintaining an annual survey tool.
  • Automating survey deployment, analysis and the reporting processes.
  • Developing and implementing a strategic communications campaign.
  • Producing a baseline of individual skills and organizational capabilities.
  • Performing trend analysis.
  • Generating reports and debriefing results.
  • Providing Executive-level summaries that identified priority skill deficiencies and provided actionable insights based on mid-level leadership feedback.
  • Assisting leaders in identifying their FY training requirements and expenditures.
  • Helping employees develop Individual Training and Development Plans.

The skills assessment initiative helped ensure that training and professional development opportunities were relevant, valid, and based on data-driven requirements. Leaders were provided built-in justifications to prioritize budget and gain priority for resources that support unfunded requirements.

Deep Mile’s skills gaps analysis and related insights helped the intelligence enterprise save millions of dollars, improve its return on investment in training and development, and foster a results-oriented high-performing workforce.