Case Studies

We deliver custom knowledge solutions guided by a revolutionary vision

Innovative & delivering solutions are imperative to the success of any organization.

The best lessons are learned through experience and Deep Mile Networks’ case study offers insights and practical solutions from a wide variety of organizations.


Human Capital Management

An Intelligence Community (IC) agency wanted to bring innovative training programs to a global workforce and enhance overall human capital management capabilities, while simultaneously reducing costs agency-wide and maximizing return on investment.


Traditional Training Life-cycle Support

A Unified Combatant Command needed support in managing the full life-cycle of training, and in delivering operationally relevant training for every phase of the intelligence cycle. DeepMile supported the agency in designing, developing, implementing, and optimizing a broad range of training and development solutions and services.


Workforce Skills Assessment & Data-driven Training Requirements

During a time of fiscal constraint, a defense intelligence enterprise wanted to fund and deliver the most relevant, valuable, impactful training and professional development opportunities to maximize their return on investment.

Solutions built around a core of world class expertise in data science & analytics.

Our team of professionals is comprised of experts in data science, organizational development and training – complemented by industry expertise in intelligence, management consulting and marketing.

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